How To Add #ndpatterns To Your Photos

We mentioned the awesome #ndpatterns in a previous article. Once you’ve downloaded them to your device, I’m going to show you how to add them to your photos so that you too can be featured in @nealdieker‘s feed on Instgram.

This tutorial makes use of Image Blender, which is $2.99 in the App Store.

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Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Do all of your editing before you add #ndpatterns to your photo. (Looking for an editing tutorial?)

Open Image Blender and tap the box on the left of the slider at the bottom of the screen to add your background image. Open the your #ndpattern of choice using the box on the right.

#ndpatterns Tutorial

Depending on the effect you’re looking to create, move the button on the slider left or right, to decrease or increase the #ndpattern’s opacity.

I personally like to keep my #ndpatterns very subtle, so I slide it nearly all the way to the left, giving it an opacity of about 10%.

#ndpatterns Tutorial

By tapping the top left Edit button, you are presented with options to mask, arrange or change your blend mode.

I normally don’t mask my photos, so I’ll save that tutorial for another post.

The Arrange option allows you to rotate and size your background and/or foreground. This is particularly useful when your images are different sizes or if you want a specific effect. You can aso lock the rotation and the sizing if needed. This is done by tapping the icons on either side of the slide. A lock signifies that the particular function is locked. Tap the icon again to unlock it.

#ndpatterns Tutorial

The Blend Mode is super useful. It is the one option that I change the most. When I use #ndpatterns in my photos, they’re rather subtle. I usually use Screen as my blending mode. There is quite a variety to choose from and you can preview them live before applying them to your photo. Play around with the blending modes for a bit so that you can find your style.

#ndpatterns Tutorial

Important: Once you’ve chosen a blending mode, tap the Edit button on the top left to apply it. Tapping the Save button will prompt you to save the photo to your camera roll or to share it with other apps. Don’t save it yet, as you may want to adjust the opacity of your #ndpatterns.

Finally, adjust your image accordingly, tap Save, and you’re ready to share your image to Instagram. Remember to tag your shots with #ndpatterns.

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