Useful Instagram Resources – Part One

There’s always so much happening on Instagram at any given time and it’s hard work to keep up with everything. We’ve decided to share a bunch of useful resources to make your experience even more enjoyable. This is a collection of textures, challenges and communities that we think everybody should know about. Today we kick off with part one of our useful Instagram resources series.


  • Firstly, the most famous of them all has to be Merek Davis‘s Mextures. This is a collection of textures and overlays that can be used with your photos, to add incredible effects. In fact, if you use them with #ndpatterns, you can add the #killercomboentry hashtag to your shots, which will result in more eyes seeing your photos. You can get #mextures by clicking the link in Merek Davis‘s bio, absolutely free.
  • Next up is #lorystripes which got released last week. You may have seen some beta testers adding them to their photos, they’re now available to everyone, also absolutely free. Created by Laurent, #lorystripes is a cool collection of stripes that you can add to your photos to give them a graphic element. You can find the shared dropbox folder link in Laurent‘s bio on Instagram, also absolutely free.

If you need help using the above overlays, head over to the Image Blender tutorial that I made for #ndpatterns.


  • My mates @unclescrooch and @garethpon have a weekly challenge going, namely #sg_sf, which is Scrooch and Gareth’s Sunday Feature. Each week there is a different challenge and two winners get a shout out from them every Sunday. They have an official account for the feature which you can follow for updates.
  • There is also the popular #5shotchallenge which is going viral. The premise is that you get challenged to take 5 specific types of shots in 5 days or less, with no other subject matter in between. For every shot you post, you challenge someone else. It’s great fun and is a great way to help Instagrammers grow creatively. Check out @5shotchallenge for more details.


  • I think all mobile photographers should know about Instagramers. It is a world wide community that shares a passion for Instagram. Most countries and cities have active communities and in South Africa, we are no exception. Follow @igerssouthafrica for more details, and how to find an Instagramers community in your city.
  • AMPT Community consists of mobile artists, photographers and videographers. It’s an interactive community that allows you to add your own content for the whole community to see. They also have a Facebook Group that is currently hosting lessons on photography and the use of the popular Snapseed app.

Are there any resources that you currently use, that you believe the community should know about? Share with us in the comments below.


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2 Responses to “Useful Instagram Resources – Part One”

  1. geraldinag March 15, 2013 at 9:10 am #

    Hi, just found this blog looking where to find mextures, thanks for explaining! I’d love to know how can I take minimal white photos, is there a technique? An app? I’ve tried and my whites are “eggshell” and when I play with brightness and hues I am not able to obtain this white. There is a tag #winderfulwhites. Thanks!!!!

    • Alessio La Ruffa March 20, 2013 at 1:19 pm #

      Hi there, @geraldinag

      Take a look at your background. You should be able to achieve this by having a plain white background, then adjusting your settings. Hope this helps.

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