Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts with Instadesk

Do you run more than one Instagram account? If so, you can now manage multiple Instagram accounts with Instadesk, an app developed exclusively for the Mac.

Version 2 has recently been released with a boatload of useful updates.

Their interface has been updated, giving the app a native Mac OS X Mountain Lion look and feel. You can also manage multiple Instagram accounts, which is what drew me to buy this app. I have my private Instagram account at @alessiolr, I run the Instageeks account and I’m also the manIGer for Instagramers Pretoria. That’s three accounts that I have to take care of and it’s hard work on an iPhone. I’m so happy that this app came along.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts with Instadesk

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts with Instadesk

They’ve also revamped their comments, giving you more functionality than ever before. These include starring comments, seeing which comments you’ve already replied to, quoting comments, filtering comments, comment search and plenty more.

When you’re searching for specific images, you can also easily download all the photos that are visible in list view. Or because it’s a Mac app, you can simply drag and drop photos to save them to a folder.

You can also select multiple photos and create a slideshow with them, or even like them all.

If you need to manage multiple Instagram accounts, Instadesk is seriously worth the R40. You will make it up in time saved very quickly.

If you’d like to read more information, along with the excellent reviews that Instadesk got from big name Mac blogs like TUAW and Mac Life, head over to their website.
InstaDesk - The Best Mac App for Instagram! - Benedikt Terhechte

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