How To Share Photos Between Your iPhone and Mac

I’m sure you know the frustration of wanting to share photos between your iPhone and Mac and vice versa. You just don’t want to upload them to Dropbox, because it takes so long.

Instashare changes all of that. Simply download the app from the App Store for your iPhone or iPod Touch and download the app for your Mac from Instashare’s website. As stated on their website, think of it as “Airdrop for iOS and OS X”. Sharing is made easy by dragging and dropping photos, or any files for that matter. Instashare allows you to share files via either Wifi or Bluetooth, making transfers instant.

How long will it take to share a 10MB file? Via USB, you’re looking at 5 minutes. Cloud storage will take you 2 minutes. Email will take a minute. Instashare? 5 seconds.

I use Instashare on a daily basis and can honestly recommend it. Did I mention that it’s free?

Check out the video below for more.



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