Portrait: A Documentary About Instagram and Pro Photography

Portrait – A Documentary on Instagram and Photography from Andy Newman on Vimeo.

Andy Newman is a filmmaker based in Columbus, Ohio. He created a documentary called Portrait, that explores exactly what it is that sets a professional photographer apart in the age of Instagram and the rise of mobile photography. Newman compares the lives and the work of these two people who are both passionate about photography, but have chosen two very different careers and mediums.

The professional photographer, Andria Lindquist, makes a living from her photographs. She is a lifestyle and wedding photographer in Seattle. The Instagrammer is Cory Staudacher, also a Seattle resident, who makes a living from web design. He has amassed over 197,000 followers on Instagram, where he goes by the name @withhearts.

via PetaPixel | Portrait: A Documentary About a Popular Instagrammer and a Pro Photographer

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