Free Photography App of the Day: Triggertrap

Today’s free photography app of the day is Triggertrap, an innovative remote trigger release for your iPhone, iPod or iPad’s built in camera.

This impressive app quickly found its way onto my iPhone today. I read the description and downloaded this useful app immediately.

There are more than 12 different triggering modes that Triggertrap uses.

All the modes are fully configurable, and you can even configure the app to take a photo when you clap or shout. Furthermore, there’s this cool functionality built in that is called Sunrise Mode. It uses your device’s GPS location to inform you when exactly the sun will rise and set wherever you are. A must for golden hour shots!

There’s also a Lag-O-Meter to calculate your camera’s lag to improve your HDR shots.

Check out the video for more info on Triggertrap Mobile for iOS.

Triggertrap is a free download from the App Store.

Triggertrap - Triggertrap

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